I would encourage anyone that is even considering starting a window cleaning business to read this website and e-mail me with any questions. The entire purpose of this web-site is to help people learn the window washing business quickly and efficiently by investing in my knowledge and using me as a reference source to answer any questions.

You, Yes YOU, Can Make $200-$500 Per Day in the Window Cleaning Business Starting Tomorrow!

But Why Should You Believe Me? What Makes Me So Different?

1. I quit my full-time job over 5 years ago and I'm earning a good living cleaning windows full time.

2. I have a highly successful window cleaning business that brings me more money than my bachelors degree ever would have; without having a boss on my back.

3. I practice what I preach. I actually make the majority of my income from my window cleaning business. I like to help others as well and feel this web-site does just that.

4. I'm not going to make any ridiculous promises to you (i.e. "Make $100,000 per year or month..."). Yes, you can make a lot of money, but I don't know you, your experience, or how much desire you have to start a business. How could I promise such things?

5. I don't run one of these fly-by-night operations. You can email me personally through this site or you can call my office line anytime. If I'm not in my home office then just leave a message and I will get back to you personally.

... but why would I just give you all my secrets for making it big in the window cleaning business?

Simple. Because this is a business you can only do in your own localized area. It won't hurt my window cleaning business one bit if you startup your own operation and become wildly successful, unless you live in my backyard. And because we're on the internet, a global medium, chances are you don't live anywhere near me.

However, if you do live in the 5 county Philadelphia area, I can still show you exactly how to start a window washing business because of this general business principle:


The more window cleaning companies there are in an area, the bigger the market! Basically, some people don't even know there are window cleaning service businesses out there. More window companies in the area equals more visibility for the whole window washing business in general.


People in the community see their neighbors having a company come out to clean the windows, instead of them doing it themselves. Then, those people know that the service exists, see how good professionally cleaned windows look, and many will consider having a company come out to do the same window cleaning service...


That translates into more customers (and money) for all window cleaning companies in the area!

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Why Window Washing?

I'm sure you've seen other business opportunities out there, maybe you've even tried a few. If you've been using the internet for any length of time you're bound to see them all over the place...


... the simple fact is this: the window cleaning business
     is a virtually untapped market

THINK about it:

Can you really make a great income cleaning glass? I chewed on the idea for about a year before I ever did anything about it. I researched the business and discovered that:

ABSOLUTELY anyone can make money in their own window cleaning business!

This is great news for you!

Here are some great reasons why you should get into the window cleaning business...

· There are very few products you have to buy to startup the business. This means very low risk for you.

· You can do it all on your own, without having to rely on anyone. You will not have to deal with the hassles of having employees, or counting on anyone else in order to make profits.

· You get paid immediately at about 80% of your jobs. Most people pay you right up front for your services.

· Very few legal implications. You will have no need for lawyers because cleaning windows can be done in hours with very little experience.

· You will be working in an untapped market! I'll teach you how to build a solid customer base just by placing a couple of ads, and many of these customers will come back to you again and again. Glass keeps getting dirty!

· With the construction business booming, you have an ever-increasing customer base. You will never run out of work if you follow my simple steps to success, and have almost no downtime whatsoever!

· It's very easy to get out of the business if the need arises. You can move on quickly without losing money.

· You get to meet hundreds of interesting people, many who will refer you to other people.

· There is no need for you to have any special education. You don't need a college degree or even a high school diploma, and the opportunity exists nearly everywhere.

· Anybody can do this business. It doesn't matter what your age, sex, race, background, or religion are.

· You can run the business based out of your home. This reduces overhead costs, office rental costs, and your commute is only to your next customer!

· Your location is not important. This business is applicable almost everywhere, and believe me, people will pay good money for your services!

· There is no inventory to stock. This means there is no cash lost in holding goods, the money you make is what you get paid.

You know, people will pay for all kinds of services that need to be done around the house. You may even pay for a housekeeper, a babysitter, gutter cleaning, a floor cleaner, a plumber, someone to keep your vinyl siding clean, someone to blacktop your driveway every year, and so on. Maybe you know someone who has a regular window cleaner already. Chances are you do!

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Do you realize what this means for you?

YOU can capitalize on this untapped market in your area and have a business up and running in weeks, not months.

I went through all the work of finding out what I needed to do... I called around, talked to other window cleaners, did more research, and got some good advice... but not much. I spent many hours doing the initial legwork to get into this business and I've been very successful thus far...

I can save you the time and guesswork involved in learning this business! From bidding/estimating jobs right down to the tax implications.

I decided to fire my boss and start my own window cleaning business. Since then I've never looked back, and will never have a 9 to 5 job again unless I am working for ME---In My Business on my terms.

I had to learn things the hard way, but once I did, the money started pouring in, and my business started to boom.....

Here's what a happy customer from Maryland had to say about my course & the window business...

"Gary is a great resource in getting into the window cleaning business. I do it part time in the spring and fall and I do some businesses regularly year round.

As for money, I have made good money for the time that I have spent. My goal is at least $30 per hour and sometimes I can make up to $50.

Once you start doing windows you will enjoy it. There is a clear start and finish point and people are always very pleased. I did a house in six hours, made $250 and at the end the people were blown away because they spent 2 weekends doing it before and said they could never get them as clean as I did.

Gary's info is very worthwhile. When I started out I lined up a few jobs and had him help me with a few things... It was well worth it because it gave me a running start.

Good luck!"

Mike McGinley
Star Print, Inc.
Beltsville, MD


Questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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And Now I Can Reveal To You The Best Way To Startup Your Own Highly Profitable Window Cleaning Business... In just a few hours!

And why would I ever be willing to do such a thing?


The answer is simply because the window cleaning business is a localized business. Most likely everyone who starts up this business will be in many different areas of the country, even all over the world. So, I am not creating any competition for myself at all. I followed my entrepreneurial urges and I enjoy helping other people do the same thing. It is very satisfying to know that I have helped others. I have received many encouraging comments from the people I have helped.



· How to beat the pants off the competition, if there is any at all (in just about every case you will have almost no competition whatsoever in the residential market)

· Why you absolutely need this information to get started and make money quickly... Don't make the mistakes I made!

· My step-by-step process that you can learn NOWHERE else for starting your business the right way.

· Exactly how you can startup your business QUICKLY and get into the profit-zone after just 3 or 4 jobs!

· My personal checklist of exactly what you will need to get started (this ensures you will have very LOW overhead costs, reducing debt if you have any at all)

· How to get customers and keep them, giving you a steady supply of cash that doesn't stop unless you want it to!

· How to target the best customers that will pay you top dollar for your services (I don't know of anyone offering this strategy that doubled my income!)

· Everything you must know about the window cleaning business, A thru Z, top to bottom (this will ensure that you have NO guesswork whatsoever. Follow everything I reveal here and your success is practically guaranteed!)

· How to price your services for maximum profits, while getting the most customers possible.

· How to piggyback off of other industries to give you more business than you know what to do with.

· The truth about hiring employees and what to do when you have more business than one person can handle.

My methods are so simple that anyone can have a successful window cleaning business up and going by next month! If you can walk and talk, you can do this business!

Take a look at the table of contents of my tell-all manual:



Every aspect and phase of this business is revealed in my manual, "How To Successfully Start-Up and Operate Your Own Window Cleaning Business". It is no-holds-barred, nothing is held back!

Just listen to what another grateful person from NJ said about my course...

"Gary's book was very useful. It gave me a very good idea of the tools and techniques to use when doing residential homes. Gary is very thorough and easy to understand. It's an excellent investment.

I have been in the business since last April. I originally started the business for my son in College, who is Majoring in Entrepreneurship . He started with no customers and wound up doing 70-80 homes between May and September. It can be a very lucrative business. Some homes we received $600.00 for. The average was $300-350. Not bad.

Let me put it to you this way. When he graduates in May 2006, he intends to expand the business and make it his full time profession. I support him fully. I wish I had thought about this 20 years ago."

Fred Hodge



You do not have to be an expert to do this business! My goal was to get into a business that I could startup and make money with in no time flat, and this is it. You truly have stumbled upon a unique opportunity where you don't have to have any previous knowledge to be successful!

All this information - everything you have read about - will only cost you $68- I'll show you how to earn that back in 2 hours of your time (or even less time on the jobs I call "high moneymakers")


By ordering today, you receive these great FREE bonuses:

1. Free shipping on your order! No handling charge! I'll mail it to you directly from my office within 3 days.

2. On-going, guaranteed support to get your questions answered! You can e-mail me with any questions or call at anytime to get an answer to your question. And I will get back to you--guaranteed.


You read correctly, these incredible bonuses are yours absolutely free for ordering today.

Please note, I can only guarantee you will receive these free bonuses if you order on or before May 30th at midnight.

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Your Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

I guarantee you will be happy with this entire step-by-step system for starting up and growing your very own window cleaning service business. If you are not 100% happy with this package, simply return the materials, and I will return 100% of your money, no questions asked! I am so confident that you will be satisfied with this information, because I left nothing out. I can help motivate you to start your own business right away because I've already done it. This no-holds-barred package covers everything from start to finish!

Just get a copy of my information-packed book, How To Successfully Start-Up and Operate Your Own Window Cleaning Business, and you will see for yourself all the trade secrets of the window business that no one else is willing to show you -- then you decide whether the package is worth your investment, and whether I deliver on everything I've promised. See for yourself, then decide!




So, if you're ready to cash in on the growth potential offered by the service business sector of today's economy and get started in your own business, then don't wait any longer, invest in a copy of my package today and get started NOW! I show you how to start with a minimum investment, and how to go full time ASAP.

To Your Success,

Gary Schultz

GCS Window Washing, Owner/Operator

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PS. With the great personal consulting bonus I am offering right now, I really don't know how much longer this unique package with the free bonuses will last. Very soon I will have to either raise the price or take away the consulting bonus. That is why I can only guarantee you will get the bonuses above if you order on or before May 30th at midnight. Order now so you don't miss out!!!


PPS. If you have any questions or concerns read the FAQ page. If that does not answer your questions, please email or call me.


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