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How To Start a Window Cleaning Business

The simple and powerful way to huge profits in the window washing business.

If you want the incredible freedom and money of owning your own window cleaning business, read on.

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My story; it can be your story too!

My name is Gary Schultz.

In 2000, I started up a local window cleaning company after doing some research about the business - and I've never looked back.

For well over two years now, I have been helping people start a window cleaning business of their own - all over the country! I have eliminated the learning curve that I had to painfully go through, especially while learning the residential window cleaning market.

I just wanted to have a business that would allow me the freedom and flexibility that I once only dreamed about. I wanted to control my own schedule, and not have to answer to a boss.

I wanted to spend more time with my family and have the flexibility to have a day off when I needed it. And I REALLY wanted to get out of the rat race. The stress and misery of my job was killing me!

For me, the answer was the window cleaning business because of the low start-up costs and the opportunity to enter a ripe marketplace which is not even close to being saturated with competition.

If you are anywhere near as FED-UP as I was -- Window Washing could be your solution too!

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